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Two Los Angeles Firefighters Injured in Sherman Oaks Blaze

Saturday, May 04, 2013 |

SHERMAN OAKS - Two firefighters suffered burns this morning battling a Greater Alarm Structure Fire at a three-story hillside home in Sherman Oaks on May 4, 2013.


Los Angeles Firefighters quickly made their way up a narrow, winding road to 4008 Sumac Drive, off Beverly Glen Boulevard, at 12:02 a.m. Arriving firefighters found at least one room ablaze in the unoccupied house, which had two stories below ground level (sub level 1 & sub level 2). An aggressive attack ensued and additional resources were immediately requested.

Los Angeles Firefighters Burned while Battling Stubborn Blaze in Three-Story Sherman Oaks HouseFirst arriving firefighters attacked the ground level flames and quickly realized intense flames were burning beneath them as well. Conditions inside the structure rapidly deteriorated. All three floors quickly became unstable due to extensive fire load. One veteran Fire Captain, low on air, was forced to call "Emergency Traffic" due to difficulty exiting the massive structure. He narrowly exited. Firefighters were ordered out of the structure and forced to fight the flames defensively from the exterior. Ultimately all three floors of the home were charred with extensive fire damage.

One hundred firefighters, under the command of Assistant Chief Andrew Fox, took just over one hour to fully extinguish the blaze.

Los Angeles Firefighters Burned while Battling Stubborn Blaze in Three-Story Sherman Oaks HouseTwo firefighters were injured and transported to local hospitals. One Fire Captain in serious but stable condition and one Firefighter in fair but stable condition, both received minor burns. No civilians were injured.

Several arson investigators remained on scene for hours carefully combing through debris. The cause of this early morning blaze remains under active investigation by the LAFD Arson Section.

Two Los Angeles Firefighters Injured in Sherman Oaks FireThis incident reminded many firefighters of the recent tragic fire at a hillside home on 1546 N. Viewsite Drive in Hollywood Hills where sadly LAFD Firefighter Glen Allen was killed.

The estimated dollar loss is $260,000 ($180,000 structure & $80,000 contents).
Dispatched Units: E99 E33 RA99 T88 E288 RA88 EM14 BC10 BC714 E81 E10 DC3 E278 T78 E108 BC9 E293 T93 UR88 RA78 E481 E109 RA83 T39 EM9 EM17 T27 E227 UR27 BC5 RA827 AR2 EA1 E37 RT83 CM3 AR11 AR9 CM2 SU2 T90 E290

Submitted by Erik Scott, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


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I'm sure the 11 BLS rescues slated to be put into service tomorrow could have prevented the risk put into that aggressive fire attack. lol.. Its sad to think we are losing manpower on resources and placing them elsewhere putting our firefighters at risk. Especially days after witnessing the start of an early and intense brush season. Way to use you head Chief!

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