LAFD Battles Stubborn Flames in Massive Construction Debris Pile

Thursday, August 23, 2012 |

SUN VALLEY - More than 120 Los Angeles Firefighters labored in rotating teams for more than 11 hours on Thursday, to fully extinguish a stubborn recycling yard blaze in the northeast San Fernando Valley that sent one firefighter to the hospital.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was summoned at 4:03AM on August 23, 2012 to the Waste Management recycling facility at 11606 Sheldon Street in Sun Valley, where they discovered a deep-seated blaze in a massive "football-field-sized" construction debris pile being processed for recycling.

Through the initial assistance of an on-site tractor operator, later supplemented by a pair of LAFD operated bulldozers, firefighters spread and doused the pile with water and firefighting foam, containing the blaze in less than five hours and fully extinguishing the flames by 2:00PM.

With smoke hanging low in the sky, and dozens of fire apparatus and fire hose deployed along Sheldon Street, the industrial thoroughfare was closed for nine hours, as LAFD crews completed their battle against seemingly implacable flames.

At the height of the battle, one LAFD Firefighter sustained a significant hand laceration and could not continue duty. He was taken to an area hospital for first care, where he was treated and released.

No other injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.
Dispatched Units: E77 RA77 E298 E98 T98 E24 E89 T89 E289 E274 T74 DC3 SQ21 EM14 BC12 RA909 TP2 DT3 DT2 LD1 E87 SQ87 E7 E260 T60 BC14 FT17 E17 RA98 RT83 TP1 E24 EA1 E87 RA60 T78 E278 EM14 E39 T2 E202 T11 E211 RA889

Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


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