Injury, Death and Destruction Follow Shooting, Major Emergency Fire

Friday, February 17, 2012 |

HOLLYWOOD - Gun-shots fired in a relatively quiet neighborhood today, resulted in multiple victims, a Major Emergency Structure Fire and two deaths. No Fire or Police were injured.
Multi Shooting at Deadly House Fire in HollywoodAt 12:41 PM on Thursday, February 16, 2012, LAPD Officers accompanied by Los Angeles Firefighters responded to a reported shooting at 517 North Harvard Boulevard. Upon arrival, they were greeting by three adults: one 34 year-old male and two 38 year-old females, all suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. A domestic dispute in the nearly 100 year-old single family dwelling, may have precipitated the gunfire. Acting without hesitation, the Officers and Firefighters rapidly extracted all three individuals from the residence, before discovering a quickly developing fire at the rear of the structure.

Adding to the chaos, were reports that the shooter was still in the residence and may have been holding one additional victim. The potential of this incident brought a swift and heavy response, with 150 Firefighters pouring into the Hollywood neighborhood.

The inherent risks of the incident were carefully considered by the Unified Command. With a reported shooter-at-large and a now, fully-developed structure fire, the safety and security of all personnel became the primary objective. With Firefighters unable make an interior fire-attack and untenable conditions in the structure eliminating the probability of survival, it was determined the best course of action was to let the fire burn itself out.

Hoselines were placed on each side of the approximate 2,600 square-foot home, as were armed LAPD Officers to provide force protection to Firefighters. The strategy was to prevent the fire from extending to the adjacent exposures by simply controlling it.

Full-extinguishment came 2 hours and 30 minutes later. Unfortunately, the discovery of two bodies also came, by way of our LAFD Cadaver Search Dog and its handler. They were aided by two others canines from Ventura County Fire Department. One of the bodies is believed to have been the shooter, of unknown age. Both bodies will be positively identified by the LA County Department of Coroner, as will the exact cause of death.
Multi Shooting at Deadly House Fire in HollywoodThe three injured adults were all transported in critical condition to local hospitals. Both the fire and the crime scene are part of an active, joint investigation by the LAFD's Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section and the LAPD. While dollar-loss estimates were not yet available, the structure was a total loss. There were no reported injuries to LAFD or LAPD personnel.

Dispatched Units:
E11 RA6 RA20 T29 E29 E229 EM11 BC5 E61 RA82 RA41 RA56 EM2 EM9 E82 E235 T35 E227 BC11 BC2 BC13 DC2 E27 T27 UR3 RA3 HR56 UR88 BC1 UR27 RA827 E211 T11 E6 E15 E220 T20 SQ21 CM3 RA4 AR7 RA52 RA78 H2 E21 E3 E12 E202 T2 E226 T26 EA1 RT59 E56 AR1 RA867 RA867 E90 AR3 AR10 E91 RM2 SU1 AR36 E2 T12 E212 T3 E203

Submitted by Matt Spence, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Anonymous said...

Great that LAFD posts such informative details in such a timely manner. Very thankful that no emergency responders were injured at such an unpredictable incident.

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