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Thursday, January 12, 2012 |

LAFD SealFire Chief Brian Cummings has thanked the current members of the Command Staff for their years of service to the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), and their contribution to the community. Chief Cummings stated, "Each of them has provided their unique perspective and energy to leading the LAFD. I am confident that their demonstrated professionalism and dedication will be just as evident in their new roles and assignments."

In March of 2011, the voters approved an amendment to the City Charter to exempt all Deputy Chiefs from civil service provisions. This change was intended to give the Fire Chief the ability to select the members of the Command Staff. To select Assistant General Managers (Deputy Chief level), General Managers (Fire Chief) must comply with the provisions contained in the Mayor’s Executive Directive No. 6. The LAFD has also entered into a Letter of Agreement with the Chief Officers’ Association that speaks to the selection process to be utilized for Deputy Chiefs.

In compliance with both documents, on October 27, 2011 a job bulletin was posted for Fire Deputy Chief. A three-part selection process was used: Qualified members submitted their resume for review; four individuals, two each from the Personnel Department and the Fire Department reviewed the resumes and the top candidates moved on to the interview portion of the process. The four-person interview panel consisted of a Fire Commissioner, a Los Angeles Area Fire Chief, a retired Fire Chief and a member of the Fire Department. The panel rated the candidates, and Chief Cummings interviewed the resulting top four individuals.

The following selections were made and will become effective February 12, 2012:

Assistant Chief David Yamahata to Chief Deputy, Emergency Operations

Assistant Chief Daren Palacios to Chief Deputy, Administrative Operations

Assistant Chief Roxanne Bercik to Deputy Chief, Training and Support Bureau

Assistant Chief Mark Stormes to Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal

"I look forward to working with them as members of my Command Staff in accomplishing the Mission and achieving the Vision of the Los Angeles Fire Department." -Brian Cummings

Submitted by Erik Scott, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Anonymous said...

Chief Cummings now has all new deck-hands to manage his ship. It is his watch, he should be able to pick his crew. I hope his sailing skills are up to the challange as he leads the department into the future. I would love to be at the new helmet shield presentation party. Congratulations to all.

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