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LAFD Chief Speaks Proudly of 2011 Statistics at Public Safety Press Conference

Thursday, January 05, 2012 |

Los Angeles Fire Chief Brian CummingsLOS ANGELES - At a widely attended press conference on Thursday morning, January 5, 2012, Los Angeles Fire Chief Brian L. Cummings and other public safety leaders joined Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to share year-end statistics and a perspective of their agency operations in the previous twelve months.

Following the Mayor and Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, Chief Cummings offered the following remarks:

"I am here to share with you the Los Angeles Fire Department’s fire and life safety response statistics... The information I will provide is an end-of-the-year statistical report for 2011 from January 1st to December 31st:

  • The Los Angeles Fire Department has continued to see a rise in emergency responses, both pertaining to Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
  • The total number of incidents or individual calls for service in 2011, was 379,437; an increase of 1.7%.
  • 83.5% or 316,866 of those calls were for Emergency Medical Service.
  • There were 826,924 individual fire department company responses in 2011; up by 3.9%.
  • 661,765 of those responses were for Emergency Medical Service. That is a 4.1% increase.
  • The Los Angeles Fire Department transported 195,827 patients to area hospitals. A year-to-year increase of 2.1%.
  • We responded to 8099 structure fires in 2011 and the rapid actions of our firefighters saved over a billion dollars in property. That is a decrease of 12 structure fires from 2010.
  • We have seen a 4.9% decrease in fire related civilian injuries with just 97 fire related injuries last year.
  • Tragically, 18 civilian lost their lives in fire last year but this is the lowest fire fatality rate for any large city.
  • Unfortunately, as you all may remember, we lost one member of the LAFD, Firefighter Glenn Allen who died in a line of duty death in 2011.
Now I would like to put these numbers in perspective...

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which compiles fire department statistics on a national level, reported that in 2010:

In regard to the number of fires per thousand, civilian deaths per million, civilian injuries per million and property loss per capita, the Los Angeles Fire Department averaged 48% below the National levels.

I am proud to attribute this to the tireless efforts by the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

In looking back over the year [2011], the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to several major newsworthy incidents.

There was the 405 Freeway closure in July, where the Los Angeles Fire Department worked closely with its public safety partners in preparation and flawless execution of the closure of this major thoroughfare, insuring adequate medical and fire protection.

On September 5, 2011 the Los Angeles Fire Department simultaneously fought two major brush fires threatening the Sun Valley and Mandeville Canyon areas. Due to the aggressive firefighting efforts, these fires were contained to 50 total acres with no loss of life, structures or property.

On the afternoon of October 31st, the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department’s quick work saved one of Hollywood’s most historic structures, the Magic Castle, known throughout the world as the headquarters for Magicians everywhere.

On December 1st, 2011 the City of Los Angeles faced one of the worst wind storms in recent history. The LAFD had 2,447 incidents in one 24 hour period. This is a one-hundred-percent increase in call load for a single day.

Along with the 149 fire companies and 130 ambulances which respond daily to render aid, the LAFD prides itself in its specialized units. The Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section investigated 1,509 fires including their vital role in the identification and capture of the serial arson suspect in the New Years arson fires; our Fire Prevention Bureau Brush Inspectors handled 179,451 brush inspections; and our Marine Division responded to 441 calls in 2011.

These are just a few of the specialized units that your Fire Department has available to respond in your time of need.

Today, I proudly stand before you with the leaders of Public Safety Agencies that respond to your needs 24 hours a day, without fail. Together, we are capable of handling any problem or emergency you may face. Even during these very tough and trying economic times, we remain committed to your needs and remain steadfast in providing the highest level of professional and compassionate service at all times."

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Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


LAFD Media and Public Relations said...

Those wishing to contact Fire Chief Brian Cummings or LAFD Headquarters staff on this and related issues, can find information here:

Anonymous said...

Smoke and Mirrors!!!!!!!!

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...

Anonymous 9:28,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If you wish to delve further into the numbers presented (including the how and why), please consider reaching out to the Fire Chief or LAFD Headquarters staff via the link above.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian, I will.

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