Booming Fire Tears Through Offices at Wilmington Refinery

Monday, January 16, 2012 |

WILMINGTON - Flames engulfed an administrative office building early this morning as Firefighters battled a massive fire at the ConocoPhillips Refinery.

The call was made at 4:22 am on January 16, 2012 by a passerby who noticed fire in a second-floor window of a two-story, administrative building at 1660 West Anaheim Street in Wilmington. First on-scene resources confirmed a large portion of the second floor fully-involved in flames.

A quick and aggressive interior fire-attack was made on the 75' x 300' structure of masonry construction, as companies on the Spanish tile roof assisted by cutting ventilation holes.

It was only 30 minutes into the incident, however, that Firefighters experienced a partial roof collapse of the nearly 100 year-old structure and the decision was made by the Incident Commander to pull all Firefighters off and out of the structure.

By that time, over 160 Firefighters had been called to the scene of this "Major Emergency Structure Fire".

Firefighters continued their diligent work hoping to prevent this blaze from extending to any of the adjacent structures on the property. Large hosestreams were targeted from the exterior on the now well-entrenched flames. They were joined by the "fire brigade" of ConocoPhillips to assist with any technical expertise that may have aided in the firefight.

However, at no time was the refinery itself or any of its petroleum products ever in jeopardy. Business at the entire ConocoPhillips Refinery will resume following the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, despite a firefight that lasted 3 hours and 48 minutes. There were no occupants in the building at the time of the fire.

Dollar-loss estimates are not yet available and the exact cause of the blaze is under active investigation by the LAFD's Arson/Counter Terrorism Section.
Dispatched Units: E85 T85 E285 RA85 E38 RA38 E36 E248 T48 EM6 BC6 BC13 E64 E49 E48 E264 T64 E266 T66 DC2 SQ21 EM11 BC11 BC1 T5 E205 E5 UR88 BC4 E33 T33 E233 E15 E10 E295 T95 E221 T21 AR1 EA1 BC18 BC5 RA36 RA101 RA112 EM9 RA79 T26 E226 E3 T11 E211 E61 E210 T10 E37 E2 RT40 RA85 E226 T26 E248 T48 E202 T2 E34 BC11 E215 T15 E61 E101 E292 T92 E229 T29 SU1 RA38 AR33 AR53
Submitted by Matt Spence, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Larry Shulman said...

Were there any automatic sprinklers or fire detection in the building? I would think there were sprinklers at least in the basement.

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