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The LAFD Unveils Its Preparation for Brush Season and Asks You a Question

Saturday, September 24, 2011 |

On Friday September 23, the news media gathered together at Chatsworth Reservoir, where Fire Chief Brian Cummings presented the resources that the City of Los Angeles has available to combat the threat of this year's Brush Fire season.

LAFD Displays Arsenal Against Wildfire
Local News Media at Chatsworth Helispot
The location was one of LA’s 32 helispots, which provided a beautiful backdrop of brush-covered, rugged terrain, steep canyons and rolling hills, that reminded those present just how vulnerable Southern California is to a major brush fire. The purpose of this meeting was two-fold...

First, to reassure YOU that the LAFD is prepared for this year's Brush Season.

LAFD Displays Arsenal Against Wildfire
Water Tender, Air-Crane, Crew 3, LAFD Copter
On display, were two of the Department's six helicopters that make up the LAFD's prestigious air fleet. Five of those "air ships" are capable of dropping hundreds of gallons of water and the other is used as a Command ship, strategically placed to direct these precise water drops.

In addition, the LAFD utilizes an Erickson Air-Crane, which is a wildfire, heavy-lift helicopter, capable of providing superior aerial fire suppression services during the peak of our Brush Fire season. The Erickson Air-Crane is available this year from August 15 through January 2012.

Available to meet first hand, was the hard working and cost effective "Crew 3," comprised of LAFD Cadets. These volunteers dedicate themselves to clearing brush from hillsides and fire roads, as well as creating fire breaks throughout the city.

Also present, were one of the LAFD’s three Bulldozers, a LAFD Dozer Transport and a LAFD Water Tender. This Heavy Equipment is used to cut brush along the tops of LA’s many ridges and hillsides. They create fire breaks and directly attack the fire by smothering its progression.

However, it is not just about the equipment. It's the uniformed firefighters from your 106 neighborhood fire stations that make you safe. They constantly train and prepare themselves for the many emergencies they face, including the threat of a major brush fire.

The Second purpose of this gathering was to ask a question:
"Just how ready are YOU?"

The LAFD promotes the "Ready, Set, Go" preparedness campaign, and asks you to:
  • Be Ready: Prepare your property. Cut back the ornamental brush around your home and allow 200 feet of clearance.
  • Get Set: Prepare your family. Have a plan for what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Go: Be ready to go when you are told to evacuate. Once you leave, stay away until uniformed personnel say it is safe to return.
LAFD Displays Arsenal Against Wildfire
Fire Chief Brian Cummings Addressing Media
Chief Cummings stated, "I challenge every resident of Los Angeles to have an emergency plan and to discuss the plan with each member of your family. This is especially important for those residents who live in or near brush areas."

The Los Angeles Fire Department wants to reassure you they are prepared. It is now up to you to prepare yourself, your family and your home.

Submitted by Erik Scott, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Anonymous said...

Dear Erik,

Thank you for this latest update on the LAFD. I live in Mandeville Canyon and can speak from a very recent experience, that we are very appreciative of all the air power and man power that springs in to action when a fire hits a neighborhood.

One thing I would like to bring to your attention though, is that there are still uninhabited lots in our canyon that have not been cleared. We'd like to see crews out there weed whipping to make us all safe.

Mandeville Cyn

LAFD PSO said...

Dear JF,

We are thankful for your support. Your Los Angeles Firefighters are proud to serve and are grateful of your commendation.

The Los Angeles Fire Department also appreciates concerned citizens such as your self notifying us of brush areas that may be non-complaint with this year-round requirement. LAFD provides three convenient ways to report a hazard:

By E-mail

* Send an e-mail with very specific details to:

By Phone

* We welcome your complaint by phone to our Brush Unit office, but we do have limited resources (12 inspectors & over 170,000 parcels) to take your call.
* Office hours are from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. (except holidays) (818) 374-1111

In Person

* You can report the hazard to your local Fire Station.
* Your local Fire Station can be found at:

Take care & stay safe.


Erik Scott
C-Shift Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

"Serving with Courage, Integrity & Pride"

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