Cause Determined in 40 Acre Mandeville Canyon Wildfire

Thursday, September 08, 2011 |

BRENTWOOD - More than 200 Los Angeles Fire Department personnel, bolstered with a regional response of firefighters by ground and air, pushed back flames from a Labor Day wildfire before it could damage any homes in the brush covered terrain near Mandeville Canyon west of the Sepulveda Pass.
LAFD and Allied Agencies Battle 40-acre 'Mandeville' Wildfire
With numerous telephone calls reporting the fire on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 4:10 PM, teams of firefighters responded to the 3600 block of Mandeville Canyon Road where they discovered fast-moving fire in vegetation east of Mandeville Canyon and north of the Mountain Gate Country Club.

As dozens of ground crews scrambled through rugged terrain to attack the blaze, a synchronized aerial offense with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters soon stemmed the fire's advance, holding the fire's impact to forty acres of dense vegetation.

Structures were threatened, however due to the swift and aggressive action of firefighters, none were damaged, and no civilians were injured.

LAFD and Allied Agencies Battle 40-acre 'Mandeville' Wildfire
Two male firefighters, one from LAFD and the other from California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Camp Crew 16, suffered heat related injuries & were transported to a local hospital in fair to serious condition.

The fire was 100% contained Wednesday afternoon September 7th, however f
irefighters maintained a heavy presence and kept a close eye on the burn area throughout the four days, ensuring the the volatile vegetation would not reignite, to keep residents safe.

The cause of the fire was determined accidental in nature, and was attributed to two young males smoking.

Dispatched LAFD Units: E19 E237 T37 BC9 E64 E59 H4 E23 E84 E292 T92 E85 H0F BC18 E68 H3 E95 E83 BP94 BP44 BP28 WT77 H1 H2 H6 E62 E43 E58 E99 E71 BC15 DC3 E94 E269 T69 E13 RT40 E43 E99 BC15 E58 E68 E71 E62 E94 E66 E48 E21 BC17 SU1 RA19 E5 E93 E58 E71 BC15 E37 E63 E5 E26 E61 E33 E39 AR2 H2 H6 BC17 DC2 E90 BC5 E109 T90 E290 RA867 E10 E15 RT59 E66 E93 E89 WT77 RA909 DC2 DC3 BP35 WT88 E48 E27 E11 E2 E12 E67 E34 E100 E6 E14 RA69 RP88 H1 H6 E90 E17 E98 E29 BC13 E87 T3 E203 E21 E37 E63 E3 BC9 E26 E85 E10 E5 BC10 WT88 BP109 RT59 H4 RA19 RA69 E2 E12 E15 BC9 E33 E61 E88 RT59 RA867 CREW 3

Submitted by Brian Humphrey & Erik Scott, Spokesmen
Los Angeles Fire Department


Anonymous said...

Were they arrested?

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...

Anonymous 6:33PM,

The investigation (to include formal reports prepared by LAFD Investigators) remains an ongoing matter at the time of this reply. Our office has not been apprised of any persons being arrested [emphasis].

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

Danu said...

I live in the hills of Encino and I was impressed and grateful at the swift, thorough response to this fire. Thank you!

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