Teens Rescued From Rocky Chatsworth Cliff by Los Angeles Firefighters

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 |

CHATSWORTH - A pair of teenagers were safely removed from a perilous cliff in the northwest San Fernando Valley in a nearly two-hour effort by Los Angeles Firefighters.

Sixty-eight Los Angeles Fire Department personnel - including two LAFD helicopters and an Urban Search and Rescue Team, were summoned at 6:58 P.M. on Tuesday August 16, 2011, to 10870 North Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Chatsworth, where witnesses reported a pair of teen males stranded on a cliff at Stoney Point, a municipal park popular with hikers and revered by climbing enthusiasts.

The local teens, both 18 years-old, reportedly separated from a group of friends in the rugged terrain, choosing a hillside path that led them to be trapped at dusk in a narrow and rocky recess more than 200 feet above the ground, making a helicopter-based rescue difficult.

Arriving quickly by ground and air, Los Angeles Firefighters hiked up steep and winding trails at sunset as an LAFD command helicopter lit their way to the top of the mountain with a 30 million candlepower spotlight. A second LAFD air ambulance helicopter, configured for hoist operations hovered nearby; as one of the first-arriving firefighters rappelled 50 feet down the sheer cliff to assess and prepare the young men both physically and mentally for rescue.

Confirming the teens to be uninjured - and explaining what lied ahead, the first firefighter was soon joined by a member of LAFD's Urban Search and Rescue unit, who separately placed each boy in a harness for the accompanied descent down the cliff, where the young men were reunited safely with friends and a parent.

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Dispatched Units: E296 T96 RH114 E107 RA107 H0C H0E UR88 HR56 EM17 BC15 BC17 E89 T27 E227 E70 H1 H6 E27 UR27 T88 E288 E88 EM15 RA70 EL72 E72 E90
Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Anonymous said...

Great job LAFD!

Matt said...

That is a great place to climb but it doesn't look like they were even prepared for climbing or rappelling. Good work by the Fire Department. I'm sure those boys definitely learned their lesson!

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