LAFD Handles Busiest Day of the Year

Monday, March 21, 2011 |

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) experienced its busiest day of the year yesterday, Sunday March 20, 2011. Firefighter dispatchers handled a total of 3,750 calls during the 24 hour period, the average is 2,255. Resources were dispatched on 1,748 emergency 9-1-1 incidents, this is a 62% increase over our daily 9-1-1 average, which hovers just over 1,000. These statistics are compiled from the Operations Control Dispatch Battalion Chief, and are from the hours of on 03/20/11 to the following day.
LAFD Directs Motorists From Danger
The increased call load can be attributed to severe rain and wind from the storm experienced in the Los Angeles area yesterday. Surprisingly, the Los Angeles Marathon, also taking place on this day, did not contribute to a large increase in the LAFD call load. Our emergency medical transports held steady at 534, compared to our daily average of 520.

Weather related incidents included:

Debris Flow: 18
Flooding: 212 (4000% increase above average)
River Rescue: 1
Electrical Utility: (wires down, transformer, power pole): 199 (3500% increase above average)
Traffic Collision: 192 (102% increase above average)

The LAFD also utilized our Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). The CERT volunteers relieved firefighters from non-emergency tasks such as, “stand-by” for fallen trees and wires down. We are proud of our CERT volunteers who are ever-ready and willing to assist the LAFD and the citizens of Los Angeles in any way possible during times of need.

The LAFD was forced to “triage” the many flood related incidents and sent resources to only the most serious, with potential life or property loss.

Your Los Angeles Fire Department will continue to respond to the many emergency and non-emergency needs of its residents, always striving to provide the best possible service and care at all times.

Submitted by Erik Scott, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Anonymous said...

Great job LAFD & Staff. I was listening to the scanner from around 1:00pm to 10:00pm and it was busy. Not only that there was only 3 Dept of Trans units available and really no cooperation from the LAPD & the DWP. LAFD did all the work. Thanks

concerned citizen said...

I can't wait to see what happens when the city closes resources and expects more from the front line firefighters. Im sure they will make it work those firefighters always do. May god be with the City of Angels.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to my scanner as well and was really impressed with the way that OCD handled all of the dispatches and questions from units in the field. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The LAFD sends a resource out on so much garbage. People clearly abuse the system and the LAFD does nothing except threaten its members with punishment if they do not transport patients to the hospital. I work for the LAFD and it is a total joke.

Anonymous said...

The line firefighters of the LAFD ashould justifiably be proud of their efforts. The LAFD implemented using CERT late in the day. Their efforts are greatly appreciated, but they should have been used sooner.

Anonymous said...

To the "sworn" member of the LAFD who complains about "garbage" or "bone" runs: your sworn oath is to protect lives and property in Los Angeles. When an agency - any agency - engages in EMS activities, they must respond based on the assumption that someone is in need. If you determine to treat and release a patient, just because he or she is a "frequent flier," should that patient die as a result, the consequences could be dire. I'm certain the management knows this, as the department is working diligently to maximize its resources and be more efficient. If you feel the LAFD is a total joke, I'm certain the Fire Chief would happily and willingly accept your resignation.

Anonymous said...

I sent a previous blog response with the wrong time and date... I meant to say this. [ "Anonymous" posting dated/timed Tuesday, March 22, 2011 5:37:00 PM the message is very simple... You have obviously missed the pride and ownership lesson and IDEALS that your peers and supervisors have tried to instill in all members of the Department (civilian and responders alike) through your Drill Tower training and continuing education in the field. As said previously, your resignation would gladly be accepted immediately by any member in your chain currently serving, I am sure of it. DO NOT DEFAME OR FALSELY CHARACTERIZE the efforts and actions of the Los Angeles Fire Department with your ignorant rants. Your comments are NOT appreciated. ]

Anonymous said...

I also work for the LAFD, keyword is for... The member that posted about the LAFD as as joke should quit. We are paid well to play taxi driver, social services, nurse maid, animal rescue, flood stopper, river rescue, and etc., you raise your hand and take an oath to serve. Not to serve just the type of calls you like but all the calls the FD does. Of course people play the system. That is the nature of the of the beast. Suck it up, smile and transport

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