Man Dies After Being Pinned Underneath Vehicle

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 |

On Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 7:15 AM, 2 Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, 1 LAFD Rescue Ambulance, under the direction of Captain I I S. Franco responded to a Auto vs. Pedestrian at 5017 E Novgorod St. in El Sereno.

Firefighters arrived to discover a 46 year old male who had apparently been lying in the alleyway against a residential garage door. A 50 year old female driver, attempting to drive out of the garage, was unaware of the man’s presences and unfortunately drove over the individual. The woman who was very distraught thought it was some type of normal deterrent enabling the car to move and went into a reverse direction, pinning the man. She immediately called for help from bystanders, who then contacted 9-1-1.

Despite the prompt work of LAFD Firefighter/Paramedics, the man was beyond any medical help and was declared deceased at the scene.

The Los Angeles Police Department will be investigating the circumstances surrounding the entire incident. The time and official manner of his death will be determined by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office.

Although this is a tragic accident, this type of incident is a reminder to us all of the need to take special precautions as to the area around any vehicle just prior to operation.

Submitted by Devin Gales, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Danny said...

I do not buy this for a second!

a type of 'normal deterrent enabling the car to move'!?

and then you go into reverse? WHAT?!

if he was lying against the garage how did she even open it to drive out and not notice?!

This mindless woman's carelessness cost someone their life

what a horrible painful way to die

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...


While we have no information or desire to predispose anyone's personal belief, the truth remains that the incident is still under formal investigation by Police; and man's identity, as well as the precise cause, time and manner of his death still the focus of an active Coroner's investigation.

Whether the (visibly distraught on our arrival) motorist entered the garage through another means, and then her car before using a remote control to open the door, at times drove over newspapers, debris, potholes or other impediments on exiting her garage - or could as you say have been "careless", will indeed be a matter for Police and Coroner's officials to determine.

If the man's death did indeed occur as a result of being run over by her (or another?) vehicle, we'll agree that it is an unconscionable occurrence, and one that we're glad to have not witnessed or experienced firsthand.

Apart from this incident, vehicle backovers are an often devastating occurrence that can usually be prevented.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

Anonymous said...

This can happen, and almost happened to me. I was at a scene, when a homeless man laid down under the front of the ambulance. After treating the pt. in the back I jumped in the drivers side and put it in drive. Lucky for me,a man walking by pointed to the front of the ambulance and warned me of the guy in front. I was two seconds from driving over him. Guys sleep up against garage doors all the time, if you back out you wouldn't see him until it is way to late. Depending on the might just think it is brick or rocks or pot you step on the gas and boom...homeless guy dies.

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