LAFD Releases Official 'Green Sheet' Report of Fire Captain Injured in Elysian Park Vehicle Explosion

Saturday, February 12, 2011 |

On Sunday, January 9, 2011, a veteran Los Angeles Fire Department Captain sustained serious injuries when an explosion occured within a burning sedan in the 500 block of Solano Avenue near the Arroyo Seco Parkway in Elysian Park.

The injured Fire Captain was transported to the closest trauma center, where he was admitted for a fractured skull with cerebral bleed, non-life threatening internal injuries and a small partial thickness burn to his right hand.

We are pleased to report that the injured Captain was released from the hospital on January 14, 2011. He is projected to remain off-duty for approximately two months.

On January 12, 2011, the Los Angeles Fire Department disseminated the official LAFD Blue Sheet, a preliminary summary report for this incident, as well as unretouched photos from the scene.

At the conclusion of a detailed investigation, we are now pleased to share the official LAFD Green Sheet, a formal summary report issued by our agency for serious injuries, illnesses, accidents or near-miss incidents involving active duty personnel.

This report is intended as a safety and training tool, to aid in preventing future occurrences and to inform interested parties.

NOTE: Because LAFD Blue and Green Sheets are developed in a short time frame, the information they contain is subject to revision as further investigation ensues and additional information is developed. We therefore strongly suggest linking to this blog post or embedding the source document below to assure you are always reading the most current version.

LAFD Green Sheet 2011-01-09 Incident 1140

Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Don Ferrie said...

You are to be commended for posting this (and any other) 'Green Sheets.' It is a tremendous opportunity for learning from the experiences of others and for furthering the knowledge base in the profession.
This is a welcome change to the common practice of keeping everything 'secret' to minimize legal exposure - to the detriment of all others who can benefit from this information. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Very doubtful the truth will be published to warn others putting themselves in harms way. But maybe the publisher has a conscience.

Any firefighter that is injured on the job, that actually obtains proper treatment from MLU, Tri-Star from 'Hell" and the City, really should consider him/herself blessed that the work comp system and those involved had not destroyed them through the deception and fraud by those that are responsible to extend the care and benefits to those of us that have put our lives on the line. Unfortunately, a member can rely on from UFLAC is the neglect of obligation to the member when the firefighter is being refused court ordered treatment and let's not forget to mention the refusal of close to $4000 in direct dental reimbursement. Firefighter's be very cautious as to the doctor's/quack you are sent to by our concerning Department and their deviant Third Party Administrator, as the injury may be slight compared to their so called treatment by doctor's that have been sued, ruining other individuals lives. Unfortunately these doctor's are acceptable by the Department, Claims adjuster and the City and is why CAUTION is being forewarned to look out for yourselves.
A degenerating injured firefighter refused the the court ordered treatment.
Very doubtful the truth will be published.

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...

Don Ferrie,

Thanks for your note. Though our workload is overwhelming, we will do our best [emphasis added] to bring forth future LAFD Blue and Green Sheets in a timely manner.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...

Anonymous 10:07,

Sorry for the delay in replying to your message. Things have been frightfully busy in our office.

We appreciate you sharing your personal opinions, but remain profoundly unclear as to their specific relationship or relevance to the LAFD Green Sheet above - a document that no entity or stakeholder has publicly disputed.

The many other concerns you've elaborated upon (the LAFD Medical Liaison Unit, a 3rd Party Claims Administrator, the Firefighters Union Local, dental reimbursements, treating Physicians, our State's legal system and the City itself...), may indeed be worthy of parallel discussion or debate, but are not directly related to the contents [great emphasis added] of the Green Sheet report above.

Anonymous 10:07, your passion and frustration are evident. If you desire assistance in any of these matters, I am pleased to offer my personal time in helping you address them with the rightful entities, as well as assisting you in crafting a more cogent written presentation to bring to their attention.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

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