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Sunday, August 05, 2007 |

A recent post on the LAFD News & Information blog, as well as a roster of our Ten Busiest Fire Stations, have highlighted the daily efforts of those assigned to Fire Station 9, arguably the busiest Fire Station in the United States.

Serving our Central City and a 'Skid Row' community largely forgotten by others, those assigned to Los Angeles Fire Station 9 are described by some as 'the bravest'. We think they equally deserve to be called the proudest.

Our friends at Adelante Film & TV have captured the essence of these proud public servants in Station 9.

The LAFD: Serving with Courage, Integrity and Pride

Also...KNBC-TV News video coverage of this story

Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Andy said...

Excellent video trailer. Is there going to be a series of shows similar to this? Its great to finally see a documentary on the most knowledgeable and experienced fire department in the world.

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...


The men and women of the LAFD are proud to facilitate the efforts of the entertainment industry, including our friends at Adelante Film & TV.

Adelante's decision to produce similar or expanded content in the future would likely be driven by the business decision of a broadcaster or distributor.

You can certainly help them in their efforts by "digg"ing the story or sharing the buzz via e-mail with your friends and family.

Thanks for your kind words. We are proud to be part of America's Fire Service, and pledge to do everything in our power to remain worthy of your respect and praise.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing this very informative and highly visual documentary "trailer" with us.

I am very impressed with the quality of work that Adelante Film & TV has done with this film.

I will certainly keep my fingers crossed that Adelante will produce the series on DVD.

I will be in contact with them to share my views concerning this awesome video, and I will be also share the information with my other fire service friends.

Ashley said...

Thanks for updating this blog story with the link to the news coverage by KNBC-TV.

Capt. Hayden is a fine example of dedicated service by the LAFD. It was very clear to me that he cares deeply for the Department and the citizens who he serves.

It is good news to hear that the History Channel *might* pick up this series.

Best Regards,

Ashley Rogers

Adam said...

Very inspiring trailer! Hopefully it gets completed and produced.

hotshot said...

any new information on the status of this!!?? i can't wait for it to come out in websidoes/ tv.

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...


Thanks for the note. As mentioned earlier, the decision to produce and publicly broadcast any such episode or series will be remain a business (dollars and cents, not hearts and minds!) decision entirely outside of the Fire Department's purview.

Please know that in any given month, there are a half-dozen or more film crews formally chronicling the endeavors of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Given the number of Fire Departments in our nation, one can only imagine how many nearly identical projects make their way each year to broadcast industry decision makers.

Despite those odds, we thank the crew at Adelante for their professional interest in the LAFD, and wish them well.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

Anonymous said...

Awww...This makes me want to cry! This is such a beautiful trailer. What happened to the documentary?

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...

Anonymous 12:20,

Thanks for the note. As mentioned in our replies above, the business future of this and similar film projects by private production companies is not routinely monitored by the LAFD. We kindly suggest you check with Adelante for the status of their proposed film and television productions.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

FF Rottenburg said...

Where can I buy this video?

I´m from Germany and I´m a fire figher too. Where can i buy it? At amazon or somewhere else?

Hope someone can give me a answer!

Greetings from Germany!


LAFD Media and Public Relations said...


Thanks for visiting the LAFD News & Information blog. It is always good to hear from our fire service friends in Germany.

This video was a one-time private business proposal focused towards American television networks.

In the United States, video and film companies produce these short samples, often called 'pilots', to gain the attention of television executives.

This proposal by Adelante Film & TV does not appear to have moved forward, and remains a private business affair.

While we as an agency are not aware of or involved in their plans, we welcome you to contact Adelante directly.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

adelante films said...

Hello. My name is David Gil. I am the owner of Adelante Films. The ones that actually produced the pilot for Station 9. I just want to sincerely apologize to all who tried to contact me and were not able. Apparently our info@ email was sending most to a spam box.

However for some time there has been little movement in our efforts to get this pilot actually produced. Until now. Two weeks ago I recieved a call that we could be going again very soon.

This has been a difficult hill to climb. We have been very close before. The story is long and somewhat interesting i suppose. That is why I created a blog myself detailing the history behind this pilot and hopefully its future as well.

Please go to it and add your comments. My plan is that while this new interested group is deciding and examining the options, I will gather all the great comments and show them that you guys are out there.

Here is the link:

Thank you so much and please feel free to comment on the blog.

Dave Gil

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