2 Firefighters Injured By Projectile Hydrant Valve

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 |

On Tuesday, May 8, 2007 at 6:56 AM, six Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, six LAFD Rescue Ambulances, one Heavy Rescue, two Arson Units, three EMS Battalion Captains, three Battalion Chief Officer Command Teams, under the direction of Battalion Chief Fred J. Mathis responded to a RS at 3849 S. Gibraltar Av. in Culver City.

The men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department responded quickly to discover a two-story garden style apartment building with heavy smoke pouring out of one unit. Firefighters enlisted their training and diligence to knock the fire down in just 16 minutes and were able to confine the fire to the unit of initial involvement.

During initial firefighting operations, 2 firefighters were injured when the large diameter 4-way hydrant valve, utilized to gain access to a water supply for firefighting operations, broke loose from its hydrant connection. The main body of the 35 lb. fitting was launched into the air striking a young male firefighter in the chest, rendering him initially unconscious. He was immediately treated, and transported to an area hospital with injuries including a broken left arm and right clavicle, along with minor abrasions to his face. He is listed in serious but stable condition.

Another firefighter sustained minor injuries to his left wrist and ankle and was additionally transported. Cause of the fire is listed as intentional and Arson units took the suspect into custody following their investigation.

Damage estimated at $100,000 ($75,000 Structure and $25,000 content).

Submitted by Melissa Kelley
Los Angeles Fire Department


m.kahn said...

My thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery to the injured firefighters.

Since it was determined to be an arson fire, would the suspect face additional charges for the injuries caused to the members?

Stay safe!

Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

God Bless You Great Men and Women. Thank you for putting your lives on the line so that we may all live healthy and safe. You are true action heroes. All of us have you in our thoughts and prayers, even when it seems like we don't. Keep in mind ... we love you. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

To the LAFD and all additional units involved with fighting the Griffith Park fire, thank you so much for all you do.

I live in the Los Feliz area just over the 5 FWY where I could see everything from my driveway, however was not evacuated last night.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you for everything.

PJ Geraghty said...

What's an "RS" (apparently the incident type as originally dispatched)?

Anonymous said...

Melissa Kelley refers to a young MALE fireMAN as a fireFIGHTER in this report.

In her report, LAFD 'Griffith Park' Fire Update - May 10, 2007 12:00 PM, she refers to HERself as an “LAFD spokesMAN”


e said...

I also live in the Los Feliz area, though south of Los Feliz Blvd. I know that the LAFD worked like crazy to get this fire under control and to avoid damage to local homes. I heard on the news the first shift of firefighters was about 18 hours long. I cannot even imagine what it takes to do that. There are no words to express the relief of knowing that you guys and gals are on the job and looking out for us. So all I can say is Thank you.

Captain Mike Castillo said...

Why do the LAFD PSO's constantly refer to the "men and women" of the Los Angeles Fire Department in the majority of incident descriptions. How about if we call everyone "personnel of the LAFD" or "members of the LAFD", which is who we are after all.
We are all Firefighters and should not be seperated by gender, race or ethnicity.

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