Two New Helicopters to Join LAFD Fleet

Thursday, March 01, 2007 |

From AgustaWestland...

Generic File Image from AgustaWestland - not representative of LAFD specifications

"AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) has awarded a contract for two AW139 medium-twin helicopters to perform fire-fighting missions in the city-related area.

Generic File Image from AgustaWestland - not representative of LAFD specifications

These are the first AW139 aircraft to be purchased by the LAFD and such selection also marks the beginning of the AW139’s deployment as a fire-fighter worldwide. This new role follows a wide range of parapublic tasks among which are search and rescue, emergency medical service and law enforcement.

"The Los Angeles Fire Department is pleased to announce the acquisition of two new AW139 helicopters. Through design and development, the LAFD / AgustaWestland partnership has created an aircraft that will meet our Department’s current needs and those well into the future", said Doug Barry, Fire Chief for the City of Los Angeles.

"The AW139 helicopter will provide greater performance through its increased air speed and allow for a greater margin of safety through engine performance. Its easy convertibility for Fire, EMS, or Rescue related incidents, and cutting-edge technology, will bring the Los Angeles Fire Department to the forefront of 'fire service' aircraft design. Ultimately, the greatest benefit will be enhanced emergency services to the City of Los Angeles and it’s citizens. We look forward to the arrival of the first AW139 Airship in 2008" added Barry.

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is a full-spectrum life safety agency protecting the more than 4 million people who live, work and play in America's second largest City.

The LAFD’s choice demonstrates the great reliance upon the AW139’s characteristics to successfully accomplish the mission thanks to its excellent performance and operational availability, state-of-the-art avionics, high safety level and ease of maintenance, proving the best value for money solution.

Generic File Image from AgustaWestland - not representative of LAFD specifications

Orders for more than 210 AW139s have been placed by customers around world for a wide range of roles including search and rescue, law enforcement, medical evacuation, offshore transport and executive VIP/Corporate transport, making it the best selling helicopter in its class."
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The generic images above are courtesy of AgustaWestland. They, as well as corporate video and product brochures, are not meant to portray LAFD specifications.

Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


Norman Silver said...

The helicopter flee is really improving with what I believe is a far superior copter to any currently produced in the US. I'm a retired CDF DC and also was on engine 6378 on the Bel Air fire working for CDF. In my days in the Napa County area (I'm from San Diego) we had a Bell military surplus UH-1h. Old, but kind of "Hot rodded " a bit. Great initial attack Wild Fire tool! In my opinion you got the best available chopper!

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