Funeral Services For LAFD's Captain Lane Kemper

Monday, September 18, 2006 |

Captain Lane Kemper (1952-2006)The men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department welcome Firefighters from throughout the nation and all members of our community to join them on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 in celebrating the life of Captain Lane Kemper, who recently lost a bravely fought battle with cancer.

Captain II Lane A. Kemper, a 31-year LAFD veteran, was widely respected for teaching Firefighters nationwide the tasks that would get them home safely to their families.

Known as a master of forcible entry into burning buildings and forcible escape for Firefighters who were trapped in them, Captain Kemper was a tireless advocate of public safety and Firefighter survival.

Lane made all of us better Firefighters, and all who met him better people.

We welcome all to join us...

Memorial Service:


Reception To Follow:

In Lieu of Flowers, Donations Kindly Requested:

Those wishing to offer on-line condolences please click here to post in the comments section of our blog. We will print and deliver these condolences to his family.

UPDATE:Captain Kemper's memorial service was chronicled in a September 21 Daily News column, and in images captured by Mike Meadows and Rick McClure (slideshow)

Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department

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kstibel said...

Dear Rose, Katelyn, and Kelsey,
I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Sincerely, Katrina Stibel

Anonymous said...

Thanks for correcting the day of the funeral on from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

To the Kemper family. Your husband and father conducted a drill for us here at Station 8 in West Hollywood. All of us were saddened to hear of your loss. Captain Kemper was a very nice man who would do anything for another person. You can all be proud of the person he was. Our prayers are with you all.

Captain Dave Barros
L.A. County Fire Department

Ron Myers said...

Captain Kemper was truly a Gentleman. He truly demonstrated a love for the Fire Service and those around him. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

To the Kemper Family and LAFD Family,

I am sad to hear about your loss of Capt. Kemper.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Ashley Rogers

Chad Spargo, LAFD MLU said...

I had the priviledge of driving Lane as a new Captain and as much as I liked him, I think my respect for the person he was and the things he did is even greater. People like Lane are rare and it still doesn't seem possible that he is gone. Thank you Lane..

Larr Shulman said...

I knew Lane for about 27 years and last saw him about 6 weeks ago. I knew then about his illness and was amazed how good he looked, considering what was happening to him.

They don't come any better than Lane! He was a class act every day of his life and was a true mensch. He was always there for everybody else, and will be missed by so many.

My heart goes out to his family. I understand how much they will miss him.

Anonymous said...

To say that we are better because he touched our lives would be an understatement. To try and describe your loss would be a titanic task. I know I speak for my brothers and sisters here at Compton Fire when I say that he was a giant of a man who will be sorely missed. Whether you were a 10 year vet or a 10 month rookie, Captain Kemper treated us as all with kindness and generosity.Thank you for sharing your husband and father with the rest of us. Know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.

Tyri Williams
Compton Fire Department

Jim Perry said...

It is with great sorrow to hear of the passing of our dear friend and fellow firefighter Lane A. Kemper. As all who were fortunate enough to know and/or work with Lane, he was without a doubt the "Firefighter's Firefighter."

As a superior fire officer, Lane never forgot what is was like to be a "tailboard firefighter" and his life was dedicated to their training, safety and well being.

Through his personal efforts in Fire Department Muster's, "Bat's and Beer's" competition and scores of other projects it is estimated that Lane brought in over a million dollars to the Los Angeles Firemen's Widows and Orphans Fund and other Fire Department charities.

If ever there was a "LAFD Legend" attached to anyone's name, it would be to Lane Kemper.

The fire service has lost an incredibly talented and dedicated man and I am so pound to have had him as a personal friend and confidant over these past 31 years.

With heartfelt condolences to his loving wife Rose and his twin daughters Kaylen and Kelsey, I offer my deepest sympathy and prayers.

In Christian and fraternal love,

Jim Perry, Captain II
LAFD Retired

Josh Roten said...

My deepest sympathy to Lane's family and everyone at the LAFD. I had the honor of teaching forcible entry with Lane at FDIC West in Sacramento a few years ago. Not only was he a great fire officer and mentor, but just a great guy all-around. It is hard to imagine someone with his quite power and presence is gone. He has touched and helped so many in the Fire Service; well beyond the LAFD. My department teaches and uses Lane's forcible entry tactics to all our members, new and old. To Lane: thanks buddy - you left me better than you found me! Now get to welding-up those pearly gates - for I am sure you can find a way to improve them too!

With a big bear hug..

Josh Roten, Captain
Roseville City Fire Dept.

Allen Albera, LAFD In-Service Training said...

Lane will be greatly missed. He was not just a great fire officer, but also a person that would spend time with you. He had the ability to be just Lane, a caring and loving person. Lane loved this department and gave it his all. He loved his family, the fire department. and all of us. I feel blessed to have known Lane and with his knowledge of forcible entry, he will have no problems getting through the gates of heaven. My thoughts and prayers go to Lane, his wife Rose and their two daughters.
God bless you Lane,
Allen Albera, LAFD In-Service Training

Anonymous said...

I too send my deepest sympathy to Lane's family and all the members of the LAFD. I met lane briefly in the early 90's when I applied for a firefighter's position with the LAFD. He took the time to teach me how to prepare and give an outstanding oral interview. On the interview I scored very high and was offered a job. Unfortunately their was a hiring freeze shortly after I was offered a job and never got the opportunity to work with Captain Kemper. I had always looked forward to that day! However I used what he had taught me in every interview I ever gave. I am currently a Fire Captain with the City of Norco Fire Dept and I would not be where I am today if he had not taken the time to pass on to me the knowledge he had gained in his career. I always take every opportunity to pass on this knowledge to anyone who wants help like he did me. Captain Kemper you will be greatly missed but your legacy will live on for ever. If there was a Firefighters Hall of Fame you would be inducted into it first try!

Tim Bruner, Captain
City of Norco Fire Dept.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, Katelyn and Kelsey,

I send you my thoughts and prayers. Lane was an indescribable man who gave so much to so many. The LAFD was so fortunate to have a leader, a trainer, and a selfless man such as him. The great thing was that he led quietly, led by example, and never asked his crew to do anything he wouldn't do. He truly loved his job, and had so much fun at work. Additionally, his heart was as big as he was. You and Lane spearheaded so many functions, worked tirelessly for Fire Relief, and raised so many hard earned dollars. If Lane was organizing things, a good time was guaranteed for all, and with that, benefits were added for those in need. It was an honor to work with and for Lane, and he spoke proudly of his family. I wish comfort for you and the girls. Take care.
Wendy Cummings
LAFD, retired

Buck Buchanan said...

Lane was the kind of firefighter we wish we all could be.
Whether it was a fire, training class or just talking fire stuff while having a cold beer, you wanted to be with Lane.
Let us all keep his memory alive by doing the job the way Lane would.

My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Buck Buchanan
LACoFD, Batt. 1A

Anonymous said...

I had the wonderful opportunity and pleasure of playing men's softball with Lane as he was beginning his career at the LAFD.
He was a wonderful man and a truly great player! He was without a doubt our teams "Big Guy"! And he was loved by us all.
Mike Ray

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the brothers from FS 102, We would like to express our condolences the the Kemper family and to extend a helping hand from us to your family. Captain Kemper will truly be missed but never forgotten. His legacy will live on thru all the members of the LAFD. You are in our thoughts and prayers! May God bless you and your family.

FF Eric Custudio,LAFD
Fire Station 102

ECW said...

To Lane's family and friends...we share in your loss but are so fortunate to have known and been with Lane for all these years.

Lane truly touched us all. I cannot count all of the great memories I have of Lane and the many things he did for all of us. I will always have one mental image of Lane that always makes me smile...Lane at Bats n Beer the year the girls were born...surrounded by a bunch of firemen that were all there having fun because of his hard work...holding those two precious treasures in his arms with the biggest and proudest smile I've ever seen.

Lane, we're all working hard to make your Memorial something you can be proud of. It's going to be for you and the family and we want to do it right. I know you're up there in Heaven looking down on us and laughing your tail off knowing that you've got all those "Gold Badges" jumpin' through hoops right now. We are...but we're doing it for one of the best damn Fireman that we've ever had the privelage to work for. Thanks for the memories.

Take care and say "Hi" to Pete for us.

Ev Williams
Battalion 14

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the Brothers and Sisters of the Novato Fire District, I would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the kemper family, as well as the LAFD, for the loss of such a great teacher and leader. I had the opertuinty to learn from Capt. Kemper on two occations, and he is part of the reason that I am assinged to NFD Truck 1. Thank you Capt. Kemper.....

Eli Peck
NFD Truck 1

Eddie & Lisa Salcdo said...

Our Condolence and prayers go out to Rose and the family. May Lane rest in peace.

-God Bless you
Eddie & Lisa (Friends of Xavier Vigil)

Wanda Brown Calcote said...

To the Kemper Family:

My son, LAFD Captain Jon McDuffie, in informing me last week of the passing of Captain Kemper, extolled his personal and professional character and qualities and skills in terms reserved for only those for whom I know he has the utmost affection and admiration. As a result, though I did not have the privilege of knowing him personally, I am profoundly grateful for the extremely positive influence Captain Kemper had on my son and apparently on many many others as individuals and as members of the LAFD.

I know it likely does little today to lessen the ache of your loss but it is my sincerest hope and expectation that this knowledge will help in the days and years to come to deepen even more what I am certain is already your considerable pride in and appreciation for the tremendous blessing Lane's life is.

May God care for you as I know He does for Captain Kemper.

Wanda Brown Calcote

Anonymous said...

To the Kemper family,

Lane was a wonderful person with a tremendous soul. He touch everyone he met. My heart goes out to you. May he rest in peace and God bless!

My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Farah Lee

Anonymous said...

To the Kemper Family,

My deepest sympathy to you and your family, may Captain Kemper rest in peace.

Angelic D

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest Captains of the best Fire Department in America. Deepest condolences to the Kemper family and LA City Fire.

Corey Rigoni
Detroit, MI

Anne Arundel Retired Fire Fighters said...

The Officers and Members of the Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Retired Firefighters Association will keep the Kemper family in our thought and prayers.

Exp. Chris Hermosura said...

On behalf of LAFD Explorer Post 100, our deepest sympathies go out to the Kemper family. May he rest in piece.

Katie Mitchell said...

Dear Rose, Kelsey, and Kaylen,

My thoughts are with you at this very difficult time. Lane was such a kind person, and was a pleasure to work for. My heart is with you guys and if the girls need homework help I can come by anytime and help out.

Katie Mitchell

Anonymous said...

I read about Lanes passing in the IAFF magazine. I met him a couple years ago at the East Meets West Seminar. A group of guys from Worcester (Mass) FD went out to help with the hands-on. We were very impressed with his forcible entry program and invited him out to Worcester the following year to do his program at our seminar. Just this morning we did a forcible entry drill that taught many of the methods he showed us. His good work lives on. On behalf of the WFD, our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones. Lt Joe Gaffney Worcester FD

Anonymous said...

I was privleged to meet Capt. Kemper at FDIC several years ago at his forcilble entry class. He was not only a great instructor, he was eager to see if he could learn something from his students. When I called him out of the blue about his training video, he asked if I could send him one as well. He was always very humble, down to earth and very friendly. I'm sure he will be greatly missed not only by his family and friends but by his brothers in LA and throughout the fire service. Please accept my condolences.
Trevor Houghton
Kansas City, MO. FD

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