L.A. Firefighters Rescue Protesters From Homemade Fastening Devices

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 |

On Tuesday, June 12, 2006 at 10:54 PM, ten Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, ten LAFD Rescue Ambulances, three Arson Units, two Urban Search and Rescue Units, one Rehab Unit, four EMS Battalion Captains, three Battalion Chief Officer Command Teams, one Division Chief Officer Command Team, Deputy Chief Mario Rueda, and Companies from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, all under the direction of Assistant Chief Donald Austin responded to a Protest at 34th Street and Central Ave. in the South Los Angeles/Newton area.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was notified in the late evening on June 13th, 2006 that an eviction order, requiring the removal of protesters occupying a ten acre property in the South Los Angeles area, would be enforced early the next morning. Law Enforcement authorities had received information that protesters would be using various devices to secure themselves to the property to prevent their removal.

At three AM the next morning, a Unified Command Post, comprised of LAFD, LAPD, L.A. County Fire, and L.A. County Sheriff's personnel was established at the location. Fire Department resources were deployed in a supportive role to assist Law Enforcement officers.

At approximately seven AM, LAFD Firefighters began using a variety of extrication equipment to meticulously cut locks, chains, barrels with cement, and other devices, in an effort to assist authorities with the removal of the protesters.

Unfortunately, some of the protesters had placed themselves in a very precarious and dangerous situation, which required Firefighters assistance to prevent injury during their removal.

In addition, four protesters had secured themselves within the branches of a walnut tree on the property. The Los Angeles County Fire Department Truck 3 with a platform type lift assisted with the removal of the tree bound protesters. After the successful removal of all protesters from the property, additional protesters continued to protest on adjacent streets.

A contingent of almost 100 Los Angeles Firefighters and Paramedics remained committed to the incident for over 12 hours. Even though protesters had used techniques to secure themselves to the property, such as encasing parts of their body in concrete, which could have caused great bodily harm, only two protesters required transportation to local hospitals for minor complaints.

Submitted by Ron Myers, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department

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Anonymous said...

That must have been the protest to save the inner city vegetable garden. Darrel Hannah was mentioned as one of the protestors on the news. My reaction when I heard about the protest was that if the protestors didn't have enough money for shelter, food, medical care and dental care for themselves... they would likely be too wrapped up trying to survive to think about how they can "save the earth."

lorri666 said...

That headline made my day! lol!

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