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Monday, November 12, 2007 |

Home under construction and ready for fire sprinklers. Click to learn more...Maybe you are one of many Americans planning for home renovation or remodeling in the months ahead. If so, the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department want you to ask a single question:

What about Residential Fire Sprinklers?

Home is where you should feel the safest. Unfortunately, from a fire point of view, home is the most dangerous place to be.

When it comes to investing in your home, Los Angeles Firefighters want you to put life safety in the equation. We encourage you to obtain solid estimates and professional advice about Residential Fire Sprinklers from both your insurance agent and licensed contractor before you proceed.

While the single greatest impact on residential fire deaths is the use of Smoke Alarms, Residential Fire Sprinklers strongly complement the strengths of Smoke Alarms, and therefore save lives.

With the exception of terrorist attacks, there has never been a major loss of life fire (3 or more fatalities) in any building fully protected by Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Residential Fire Sprinklers are different from their commercial counterparts in several respects, and the single greatest impediment to their use seems to be the fictional portrayal of Fire Sprinklers in movies and television.

With modern concealed designs that can protect up to 400 square feet with a single sprinkler head, the widespread installation of these systems can drop to pennies per square foot, putting the cost of Fire Sprinklers in new construction on par with wall-to-wall carpeting and other common upgrades.

So before you make your final decision on a home renovation or remodeling project, please take a moment to learn about Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems at these informative websites:

...and remember to ask "What about Residential Fire Sprinklers?"

Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


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