Pickin' Bill & Henry the Fiddler come to the Firehouse

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 |

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita had barely left the Gulf Coast when Bill Hudson slung his guitar from Virginia and Henry Tarrson packed up his fiddle in Colorado.

Their mission? To bring some manner of joy to those so deeply impacted by the devastating storms. It's a journey that continues to this day.

They call it "The Feel Good Tour", a selfless effort to lift the spirits of others. Little did they know how many lives they would ultimately touch, including those working at Fire Station #7 in Slidell, Louisiana.

We think you'll enjoy learning about their adventure living at the firehouse.

We also hope that you'll read other entries of their blog, and learn about men who have made a genuine difference in a grief stricken region.

They came with little more than their instruments and a desire to serve, and along the way showed a community - and America's Firefighters, the true spirit of the season.

Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department


The Feel Good Tour said...

Dear Mike,
Thank you for what you said and we will do our best on this end to bring music to folks who need it so much.
If you have any ideas feel free to contact me.
Still Pickin'
Bill Hudson

The Feel Good Tour said...

Dear Brian,
Sorry about that, I guess I need more coffee this morning.
Like I said feel free to contact me if you or anyone has any ideas.
Right now Henry is on the ground and needs all the help he can get.
Here is hoping all have a safe Xmas and New Year.
Still Pickin'
Bill Hudson

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