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A Warrior at Rest...

Sunday, July 31, 2005 |

Sometimes people will catch a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department in a moment of deep introspection. While our rare quiet moments could have us thinking of many things, there are some people who are always on our mind. They of course, are the men and women of our Armed Forces.

While there is precious little we as Firefighters can say or do to help them overseas, we always want them to know that we are here to protect their loved ones and respect their fallen colleagues.

And so it was this weekend, in a story you won't read in the paper or see on the evening news: The homecoming of Petty Officer James Suh.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!, Very well said

Jessica said...

Wonderful! It is great to know that in this time of war there are those who support our military & of the badge & honor them as they should be honored. I have family & friends in every military branch as well as Law Enforcement. It brings sadness & tears to hear of a fallen hero but it also brings me joy to know that he or she had the courage to protect our nation at home & over seas. Thank you to all our men & women who sacrifice there lives every day.

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